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Beautiful Old Barn

Barnwood Bricks ® Dirty Face Oak

Barnwood Bricks ® Reclaimed Dirty-faced Oak

Barnwood Bricks ® Barnwood Bricks 10 by 10 end grain reclaimed oak flooring wood tiles 10x10 End Grain Oak Wood Tiles

Barnwood Bricks ®
Barnwood Bricks End Grain Flooring Oak End Grain Flooring

Barnwood Bricks ®
Barnwood Bricks End Grain Flooring Oak End Grain Flooring

Barnwood Bricks ®
Barnwood Bricks Reclaimed Walnut Bricks Countertop Reclaimed Walnut Bricks Countertop

Barnwood Bricks in Antique Cherry

Barnwood Bricks ®

Clear mountain mornings with the sun rising behind the old barn, a rooster crowing, crisp, clean's our privilege to enjoy all of these treasures as we harvest our reclaimed lumber from barns, houses, and other structures that have outlived their usefulness. The wood from these structures is given new life in our unique flooring - Barnwood Bricks ®.

Barnwood Bricks ® Barnwood Bricks Mixed Hardwoods Kitchen Floor Mixed Hardwoods Kitchen Floor

Barnwood Bricks ® Barnwood Bricks Dining Room and Kitchen Dining Room and Kitchen

Barnwood Bricks ® Wormy Chestnut

Barnwood Bricks ® Grayboard Barn Wood

Barnwood Bricks ® Antique Cherry

Barnwood Bricks ® Antique Walnut

Barnwood Bricks ® Reclaimed Poplar

Barnwood Bricks ® Barnwood Bricks 10 by 10 end grain reclaimed oak flooring wood tiles Character Grade Reclaimed Poplar Wood Tiles

Barnwood Bricks ® Barnwood Bricks end grain wall white oak Barnwood Bricks End Grain Wall White Oak

Barnwood Bricks ® Barnwood Bricks Walnut Countertop Barnwood Bricks Walnut Countertop
Barnwood Bricks ®
Brick and Basket Weave Pattern wood tiles, Barnwood Bricks
Brick and Basket Weave Pattern Wood Tiles
Barnwood Bricks ®
Barnwood Bricks Herring Bone Pattern in Kitchen
Herring Bone Pattern in Kitchen

Create your own patterns and style, add warmth to your home or building project with this new flooring product that wisely reuses our natural resources. Our Barnwood Bricks ® can also be used for wallboard or backsplash. Whether you are refurbishing a log cabin, remodeling an existing home, building a new home, or have a restaurant or retail space that needs rustic charm, you'll find what you're looking for right here.

Barnwood Bricks ® Barnwood Bricks Grey Backsplash Grey Backsplash
Barnwood Bricks ® Barnwood Bricks Wood Wall Tiles Wood Wall Tiles

Homeowners, architects, designers, contractors, green builders...we invite you all to browse our site. In addition to our Barnwood Bricks ®, we have reclaimed flooring in species ranging from reclaimed oak to reclaimed wormy chestnut to antique cherry and even reclaimed walnut. For furniture builders, woodworkers, and timberframe builders, we also offer a wide variety of reclaimed barn wood, lumber, and beams.

Barnwood Bricks ® Reclaimed Pine
Barnwood Bricks ® Mixed Hardwoods

Barnwood Bricks ® come in three basic dimensions of 4" x 8" bricks, 5" x 10" bricks, or 6" x 12" bricks. We can also mill them to your specific measurements and add some square barnwood bricks if needed. They can be 3/4" thick as with any standard hardwood floor, or we can mill them at 5/8" thick, or 1/2" thick. Usually, barnwood bricks used as wallboard, wainscoting, and ceiling decking are milled thinner at 3/8" thick up to 5/8" thick. Our personal favorite size for Barnwood Bricks ® are the 4" x 8" bricks because this best replicates the true dimensions of antique clay bricks and old vintage pavers.

Quality assurance is an extremely important aspect in today's world. Each brick is given special attention in the milling process to ensure the best appearance and quality of each individual order. We take extra steps in our processing. We fine tune the milling by grading which leads to less waste and our premium product line. Your floor is as important to us as it is to you. This makes installation go smoothly and effectively for homeowners, builders and installation crews.

Our bricks bring warmth and earth tones into any living space of your home or commercial building. Utilizing reclaimed lumber and reclaimed flooring for construction is becoming more popular each year. Barnwood Bricks ® are fun to work with, and you can create so many different patterns in dfferent areas of the home. Another aspect that we love is the antique and rustic appeal of our bricks. Age, patina, worm holes, and nail holes add character to each individual brick. We can also create bricks that are a more clear grade using antique lumber and rough sawn lumber. A good example is the antique cherry Barnwood Bricks ®. Contemporary, rustic, or a combination of both, Barnwood Bricks ® have the style and flexibility to make your home or business uniquely yours.

We'd be honored to help you with your project. You can email us or call us. If you choose to email us, please include your phone number in the email. It may be old fashioned, but we like to actually talk to our customers to better understand your needs and your projects.

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